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1 John 5:14-15 [14] This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. [15] And if we know that he hears us--whatever we ask--we know that we have what we asked of him.

PRAISE REPORT from Jeanne U (in PA): Dear Family and Friends, Id like to share a personal testimony to the grace and mercy of God in my life. Miracles still happen and Ive just experienced one personally. As many of you know, I have suffered with neck and back pain for many years now and have gone for prayer many times as well, with some relief but not total healing. My problems started in junior high as a result of an identity issue that caused me to walk with my arms crossed in front of me much of the time. This, along with a whiplash injury to my neck in 1982, resulted in back and neck pain and a deformity in my back that made my upper back look like it had an extreme curvature or hump to it between my shoulder blades. It was pronounced and I could see it, as Im sure others could. Recently Ive been experiencing pain in my left shoulder as well due to muscle problems there. When we first moved to Elizabethtown I went to a new chiropractor, something I had done on a very regular basis since the 1982 injury, and he told me that he had never seen anyone with such a severe curvature of the spine. That is not an encouraging thing to hear from your doctor!! Last Wednesday evening, Bobs and my 37th wedding anniversary ( May 17 ) we attended a special healing meeting at our church with Matt Sorger, a young man who believes in miracles and has seen them happen. We took Jeanne Marie and Bobs mother because they both have special healing needs right now. I was not seeking healing for myself, although I knew it could happen at any time, but was focused on them as well as the other people who needed prayer. Matt said that he felt that there was someone who had neck and left shoulder pain as the result of an auto injury. I jumped to my feet and knew that was me. As he prayed for my back to be straightened and put into alignment I felt a sensation of heat that radiated across my neck and shoulder area, coming and going for quite a while. I also had periods where it felt like I was having hot flashes, for those of you who know what I mean by that. Heat sensations just came like waves for about a half hour. I knew that night that God had touched me in a special way, but I didnt know the full extent of it till a few days later. Initially, I was free from pain when I turned my neck from side to side. When I arrived home that evening I looked in the mirror and noticed that there was an indentation in my upper back along the area of my spine that I dont recall was ever there. That area was where the hump was and it was no more!! My upper back is flat and no longer rounded. I feel like my shoulders have been pushed back and I can stand erect for the first time in many years. The next day I noticed while riding in the car that my shoulder blades touched the back of the seat something I dont recall ever happening because of the roundness of my back. When I drove the car I had to readjust my inside mirror because it was too low for the height I was now that I was sitting up straighter. I also noticed that when I went to the grocery store I was able to push the cart with my arms, instead of having to drape them over the cart as I always did. (My husband had mentioned to me several times in the past that I should practice standing up straight when pushing the cart - but it hurt to do that so I remained hunched over.) A friend had noticed the roundness in my back several months ago and had begun praying for it. It was so much a part of my body for so many years that I actually didnt think of it, except when someone else mentioned it. It WAS part of who I was, but no more. I am healed with a new body and a testimony to share with others of Gods faithfulness and mercy. He is there to touch everyone regardless of the situation or the length of time it has persisted. My problem was there for at least 24 years, and many more if you go back to school years where the problem began. What an awesome God we serve!!! Blessings to you all, Jeannie